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Monthly Archives: June 2016

  • Over 100 wines under £10

    Hard to Find Wines now lists over 100 wines under £10 a bottle. All offering excellent quality in a diverse range of styles to tempt every palate.

    Over the past 10 years we have built up a substantial portfolio of wines we believe to offer fantastic value for money. With over a third of the price of a bottle of wine being made up of duty and tax these wines are certainly becoming more scarce, but we strive to continually update our list of wines to offer our clients the best that the wine world has to offer. Wines from Australia, France, Luxembourg, South Africa and New Zealand are just some of our wines under £10.

    Many wines below £7 in the UK offered by major retailers and supermarkets are now produced and bottled in the UK, from concentrate liquid shipped in from a multitude of areas. At Hard to Find Wines we passionately believe that the best wine is crafted in situ at the vineyard, with experienced winemakers at the helm. All of our wines are produced in this way, with many hand crafted in tiny quantities, and with the team at Hard to Find Wines having personal knowledge of both the vineyards, winemaking process and winemakers. Wine does not necessarily need to be expensive to be enjoyed, but it does need to be quality! Our wines under £10 selection represents just this philosophy, offering quality and value to our clients.

    A selection of our top 2 dozen wines can be found here or alternatively our full range of wines are available at

  • New Martinborough wine Te Hera Pinot Noir available from Hard to Find Wines

    Having been searching for sometime for a new Martinborough producer to add to our portfolio, last Summer was a eureka moment when stumbling across Te Hera Estate at the London World's Leading Wines fair and were compelled to introduce our clients to their incredible Te Hera Pinot Noir.

    The estate was originally planted in 1996 and produces stunning Pinot Noir grapes from its tiny 13 acre estate. It is very much a family affair, with the captain at the helm (Te Hera translates as "the sail") John Douglas.

    The Pinot Noir wines created at Te Hera reflect without question the wonderful terroir of Martinborough which benefits from cool breezes and low rainfall to provide optimum growing conditions for the notoriously difficult Pinot Noir cultivar. The fruit produced is of exceptional quality which is then transformed into the Kiritea and Reserve labels by meticulous handcrafted winemaking.

    The Kiritea is a wonderfully easy drinking fruit led Pinot and is staggeringly good value for money at just £12.99. The Te Hera Reserve Pinot Noir is a slightly more serious wine, with 16 months in French oak adding a layer of complexity to the wine along with fabulous ageing potential, and is still a snip for a Pinot of this quality at just £18.99. In my quest for Martinborough Pinot Noir I have often sampled wines half the quality for well over double the price!

    These two new Te Hera Pinot Noirs have now landed with us in the UK and are available for immediate delivery and can be purchased here.

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