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  1. Cantine San Marzano

    Cantine San Marzano
    The small village of San Marzano is situated in the centre of the Primitivo di Manduria DOC region of Italy. In 1962, 19 winemakers joined forces and founded Cantine San Marzano. San Marzano has expanded in subsequent years and has become one of the most popular, well-known wineries in Puglia. Grape varieties used in the production of San Marzano Wines...
  2. Just in time for International Pinotage Day!

    Just in time for International Pinotage Day!
    Half case of South African Pinotage on offer! The 2nd Saturday every October celebrates South Africa's own grape varietal, Pinotage. Wineries producing Pinotage in SA mark the International Pinotage Day with events, promotions and wine tastings. The grape produces deep red wine with cherry, tobacco, liquorice and earthy flavours. Despite its reputation, good quality Pinotage should not smell of acetone! Carefully produced and aged, it...
  3. South African Sweet Wine Awards

    South African Sweet Wine Awards Launches Inaugural South African Sweet Wine Report South African Sweet Wines have been pitted against one another and an international contender in the inaugural Sweet Wine Report. The South African Wines proved their quality and according to the Report they "can stand alongside the same from anywhere in the world" with very good results. The inaugural Sweet Wine Report focused...

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