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  1. Wines Worthy of World Cup Winners!

    Wines Worthy of World Cup Winners!
    Congratulations to the England team for their Cricket World Cup win! To celebrate, we are offering a limited time discount on Infinity Wines First XI Wines until 31 July 2019. The history behind First XI Wines In 2013, four good friends gathered over a sumptuous dinner and enthused about a shared vision: to embark on a journey to make a wine, exemplified by...
  2. Rosé - a Real Summer Wine

    Rosé - a Real Summer Wine
    In recent years, rosé has become increasingly popular, particularly as a summer wine. The selection of rosés available in the UK is becoming wider as the wine gains popularity. While rosés are gaining popularity currently, historically, the earliest red wines produced were more like our modern day rosés. The primary reason for this was that winemaking techniques were not as sophisticated as today's techniques...

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