To help celebrate Australia Day we have put together a special offer taster case of wines from the land down under.

The £49.99 case includes 6 great Aussie wines including tipples from Woolloomooloo, Oakridge, Tamburlaine and Lou Miranda  and can be purchased here

Australia Day

Amongst the Oakridge range of wines is their premium portfolio of 864 wines, with their Chardonnay in particular picking up acclaim from wine writer Matt Skinner, rating it as one of his favourite ever Chardonnay's from Australia.

Woolloomooloo Shiraz and Chardonnay, are easy drinking everyday wines at a great price, produced by Gapsted Winery in the Victoria Alps.

Mark Davidson heads up the wine-making at Tamburlaine, with a wide selection of wines which includes his own labelled Mark Davidson brand. We particularly enjoy his blends, with his witty strap lines such as 'Three's a crowd' referring to his Merlot Cabernet blend which he feels does not need a 3rd varietal as with many of the Bordeaux blends.

Finally Lou Miranda is a well established estate in the Barossa Valley, established over 75 years ago, an age in Australian vineyard terms. Not content at producing stylish and luxurious reds and whites, they have also carved out a niche in Fortified wines which have to be tried to be believed.

For any information on any of our Australian wines please feel free to contact us, either via email or phone on 01746 389749.