This little known Lebanese winery was 'discovered' internationally at the Bristol Wine Fair in 1979 but its rich history goes back further than that. Though Château Musar itself was established ln the 1930's by Gaston Hochar after he returned from Bordeaux vines have been cultivated in the region for at least 6,000 years! It was the Phoenicans, ancient ancestors of the Lebanese, who first brought vines to the Mediterranean, the sea fairing fathers of wine making.

Today, not much has changed. The Hochar family believe in minimal human interference and trust the land to produce the luxurious wines they produce, the vineyard in the Bekaa Valley lies flanked by majestic snow covered mountains and is sun kissed 300 days of the year. This remote and unspoiled land made Château Musar the first producer in Lebanon to achieve organic status by virtue of the Hochar families respect for the land around them and the bounties it produces. Even today the bare minimum of interference is granted to the wine making them one of the most naturally tantalising on the market: the fermentation process is largely the work of yeasts with very little sulphur and the wines are neither fined not filtered, it is wine how it should be.

Lebanese wine might seem obscure but there in lies it's beauty, Gaston Hochar was a master wine maker in his day and today the tradition has been passed down to his sons, Ronald and Serge, who carry on creating unique wines with a difference revered the world over.

Their best known wines are reds made from Cabernet Sauvignon, Cinsault, Carignan, Grenache and Mourvedre grapes and the whites made from Obaideh, Cardonnay and Merwah grapes. The wines are distinct from their European cousins because of the natural process with which they are made.

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