Haute Cabrière Embraces New Era

It has been 25 years since the original and well-loved Haute Cabrière cellar was opened to the public by Archim von Arnim. In celebration, Haute Cabrière launched its beautiful new tasting room and restaurant space in October 2019, to coincide with the start of the South African summer season.

Haute Cabriere Tasting Room

The Haute Cabrière team's desire in creating this new, dynamic space was to honour the legacy of Archim while looking ahead to the next 25 years.

"The project has been about honouring the legacy of our heritage; while celebrating the beauty of evolution. Even though the wines and the destination are ever-changing, it will never lose its essence," said Takuan von Arnim, Director of Wine and 2nd generation Cellar Master. "Every element of the project was ultimately designed to allow and inspire our guests to create and celebrate their own beautiful food and wine experiences."

The new space was designed to create a stylish, adaptable experience for all Haute Cabrière's guests, both local and international while showcasing the spectacular views over the Franschhoek valley. The tasting room's modern, clean lines, high ceilings, and expansive glass panels are reflected in the elegant decor, flooring, and lighting that has been introduced to the original stone building behind the tasting room that now houses the restaurant above the underground cellar.

Haute Cabriere Tasting Room

The first thing visitors will notice when arriving at Haute Cabrière is the glass-encased tasting room. This stands in place of the outdoor seating that had stood for many years in front of the restaurant and cellar. The new tasting room provides a safe haven from the strong winds that often buffet Franschhoek and any inclement weather that may occur, particularly over the winter season. At the same time, the glass walls ensure that Franschhoek's premier view remains uninterrupted for Haute Cabrière's guests.

For Haute Cabrière fans who have love the original European-style, rock cellar, the structure still remains! Updates have been made to the flooring, lighting, decor and some of the layout, but the heart of Haute Cabrière remains the same.

Christiaan Barnard of Christiaan Barnard Interior and Design said: "We’ve retained the elegance and sophistication, which are synonymous with Haute Cabrière, but the interior design is much more on-trend now. A key aspect was to bring more light into the indoor space. We achieved this with the clever use of lighting and the choices in material and furniture. There’s a balance of being chic, yet relaxed; with touches of opulence, whilst maintaining a timeless elegance. My primary focus was to keep the style very understated and accessible so as not to detract from both the natural environment or the experiences guests would have."

Haute Cabriere Tasting Room

As a result of the changes, Haute Cabrière now offers food and wine from breakfast to dinner! A new addition to the restaurant and tasting room is the new deli and bakery that offer fresh, baked artisanal fare, fresh produce from the vegetable garden, and other quintessentially Haute Cabriere products.

The changes at Haute Cabrière are impressive and reflect the new decade we are entering. They certainly enhance the experience offered by Haute Cabrière and we can highly recommend a visit to this wine farm that balances history with modern taste in elegant and tasteful ways.

In the meantime, visit our Haute Cabrière page to purchase their wines today so you can take a bit of Haute Cabrière home with you now while you plan your next visit to Franschhoek!