Food and wine are meant to be together, like a good marriage they should perfectly compliment and bring out the best in one another to take your dining experience to new heights but so many of us are put off experimenting because of the daunting prospect of getting the mix wrong. Well, we shouldn't be, pairing food with wine is, at its essence, a matter of personal taste and it should be fun, the best way to match your wine to your food is through experimentation so it's time to get tasting.

1. There Are No 'Rules'

There are popular guidelines and famous, classic pairings when it comes to matching wine but anyone who claims to have a definitive list of rules is fibbing. The best wine is always the one that matches your pallet so instead of sticking to rules follow flexible guidelines to determine what sits best with you.

2. Find Flavours That Get Along

Your tongue can only identify sweet, sour, salty but when combined with your nose which can decipher over 200 separate aromas you're able to experience the full nuances of beautiful flavour. When you are pairing wines with food it is important to note that some flavours contradict each other so try to avoid pairing big flavours like Cabernet Sauvignon with delicate flavours like flaky fish.

3. Look For Balance

Make sure your wines are equal partners with your food so neither is overshadowing the other. For a rich and full bodied stew most people prefer a rich and full bodied red such as a Bordeaux and for a light, refreshing salad a simple white like a Soave can be a fantastic choice. It's a good idea to also take note of the acidity in food, foods like salads with a lemony dressing go brilliantly with wines like Pinot Grigio because of their acidic undertones.

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