We've had some new arrivals at our Warehouse recently. Included were Dahu Wines from Celliers de Sion in Switzerland, Asara in Stellenbosch and Runner Duck wines from Vergenoegd also in Stellenbosch.

Celliers de Sion - Dahu Wines

A photo of the Celliers de Sion countryside

Celliers de Sion began with a partnership in 1992 between Bonvin and Varone Vins which created Les Celliers de Champsec. Over the years, the two estates brought two complementary approaches to the partnership. Bonvin focussed on the terroir of their wines, while Varone applied a more sensory approach. In 2017, the partnership opened their Oenotourism Centre to provide an innovative and unique approach to wine tasting and experiencing all aspects of their natural environment.

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Asara Wines

The cellar at Asara Wines

The history of Asara began in 1691 when two farms were settled next to one another. In 2000, the current owners bought and combined the two farms to create Asara, one of the largest estates in the Cape Winelands. The winemaking philosophy at Asara focusses on allowing the terroir to express itself through minimal cellar handling and balanced oak as a platform for the fruit.

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Vergenoegd Löw - Runner Duck Wines

Besides its great wines, Vergenoegd Löw Wine Estate in Stellenbosch, South Africa is particularly well-known for its working flock of more than 1,200 Indian Runner Ducks. The ducks are part of the estate's pest management system, consuming a large number of snails and other pests each day. They have helped the estate achieve its WWF biodiversity certification. Visitors to the estate are treated to duck parades three times a day as the flock moves about the farm.

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Le Celliers de Sion