With new UK guidelines on how much booze we should drink now at the paltry level of just 14 units per week for both men and women, just how can we make our units stretch?

Probably the best way is to lower the alcohol content of your wine (although the 7 glasses a week quoted are based on just 10.5% alcohol anyway). Many of the large supermarket chains have already started to move in this direction with some "wines" offering a meagre 3.5% alcohol, great to keep within the guideline limits, unfortunately not so fantastic on the taste front.

However, on our travels we have stumbled upon an unlikely solution in the form of a Luxembourg wine from the Moselle region. Domaine Vinsmoselle Monopole Brut is a semi sparkling white wine in the same style as many of the ever popular Prosecco Frizzante from Italy. A wonderfully easy drinking wine with a refreshing effervescence, hints of apples and pears and an alcohol of just 8.5%.

Just £7.49 a bottle imported exclusively by Hard to Find Wines, the lower alcohol level means you can indulge in an extra glass every week and still enjoy a quality wine. Of course everything in moderation, so I will not be throwing out my Chianti at 15% just yet!

You can find the Domaine Vinsmoselle Monopole Brut here