Malbec Day

To celebarate Malbec World Day this year we are offering a 5% discount on all of our Malbecs, along with a special offer mixed Malbec case for £68.62, a 10% reduction to get you in the Malbec mood!

Although now often associated with Argentina, the Malbec grape varietal has its roots in France as one of the 5 permitted in the production of Bordeaux wines to add complexity and additional tannins. It's characteristics are generally deep ruby colouration, a rich nose and plummy notes on the palate. Rarely delicate, it is a grape for those who enjoy full bodied fruity reds!

Although a difficult grape to grow, partly due to its thinner skin, it is now being taken up in other regions such as New Zealand and South Africa where it is still often used as a grape for blending usually with Merlot. At Hard to Find Wines we have great examples of this from our boutique vineyards of Moana Park and Bladen. From South Africa we have one of the very few single varietal Malbecs being produced at Vrede en Lust with their Mocholate Malbec, producing stunning flavours of rich plum with hints of chocolate and coffee.