Hard To Find Wines recently began stocking Twenty Twelve Wines, by Es Fangar in Mallorca. We put a few questions to Oria Palmer of Es Fangar about wine, Mallorca and some insider secrets for visitors from the UK.

Question: What do you do at Es Fangar?

I am responsible for the International Sales. I often present the wines at events to both professional and private clients to share the passion we have for the island and its indigenous grapes.

Question: How did you get into the industry?

I’m from Stellenbosch, South Africa, so wine is in my blood! I started doing cellar door sales as a part time job while at university. I quickly became fascinated by the complexity of each grape variety. The patient winemaker took me under his wing and opened my eyes to the magic in the vines and the cellar. It has stayed my passion ever since!

Question: Tell us about a highlight since starting at Es Fangar.

Jumping into the turquoise Mediterranean while still sticky from grape juice after a long hot day during the harvest!

Question: What is special about the way Es Fangar creates wines?

Organic Excellence! Wine is made in the vineyards, and we give ours the utmost respect, nurturing the ecosystem at every level. On Mallorca we have the gift of indigenous grape varieties and it is important to us to use these to show the real character of the island. And of course, all of this is done to the highest level of quality.

Question: What sets Twenty Twelve wines apart from other wines?

Twenty Twelve embodies the Mediterranean spirit! They are fun and fresh, but at the same time offer us intensity and complexity.

Question: Which is your favourite Twenty Twelve wine? Tell us why?

Twenty Twelve PINK is my favourite as it is just perfect for every occasion. It is a super apero with my girlfriends, as well as the perfect accompaniment to tapas, sushi, Mexican and fusion foods of all variations! I never go to a BBQ without a bottle, or 2!

Question: What about wine are you most passionate?

My passion for wine stems from pure wonder: in wine we combine the powers of nature and man's creativity to produce something that is both a work of art and a living changing being. This is alchemy!

Question: What do you do on your day off?

I am a huge fan of a lavish picnic! It combines my love for nature, adventure and fantastic food and wine! On Mallorca it’s either off to a hidden cove, a sea side cliff or into the Tramuntana mountains for a hike, followed by a well-deserved bottle of Twenty Twelve!

Question: What off-the-beaten-track secret can you divulge about Mallorca for Hard To Find Wines visitors?

Come in spring! Avoid the crowds, see the island in fresh green. Make an appointment to come and visit us at Es Fangar Vins and you will be given a tour of our magnificent property with vines, horses and a nature reserve. Enjoy a tasting at an old stone cottage in the middle of the vines to really see and feel our unique terroir. This is the heart of Mallorca.