Christie's World Encyclopedia of Champagne and Sparkling wine by Tom Stevenson and Essi Avellan MW is often referred to as the Champagne bible. The majority of the book unsurprisingly focuses on the top Champagne houses, and the current edition is no exception.

However, this year our favourite New Zealand sparkling wine producer No 1 Family Estate, has pulled off a massive coup ranking at the very top of the producer list with an unprecedented 91/100 with only a handful of Champagne producers achieving higher praise.

"No. 1 Family Estate is the finest quality sparkling wine venture in New Zealand, with the entire range rivalling Champagne quality, and not just any quality" is one of the quotes from the full page spread devoted to the vineyard and its wines. "The impressive style is an interplay of toasty autolytic nuances...the mousses are super soft and the balance perfect."

We have always believed that Daniel Le Brun has accomplished something special at No 1 Family Estate, producing sparkling wines unlike any other outside of Champagne, somehow managing to encapsulate creamy biscuity flavours usually only found in France.

The range of No 1 Family Estate wines are available here in the UK through Hard to Find Wines.

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