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  1. Where in the world...? How to connect with us

    Where in the world...? How to connect with us
    How to connect with Hard To Find Wines You may be wondering how to connect with Hard To Find Wines. Here are a few ways you can meet us online and in person! Continue reading →
  2. Perfect Summer Wedding Wines

    Perfect Summer Wedding Wines
    Selecting the perfect wines for your summer wedding With summer wedding season in full swing, there is so much to be done! Planning a wedding is a complex operation with so many variables, such as dresses and suits, flowers and cars, speeches and food. One of the more enjoyable aspects of all this hard work is selecting the wines for your big day. So how do you go about planning and selecting the right wines for your reception? Continue reading →
  3. Rosé Myth Busters

    Rosé Myth Busters
    Separating fact from fiction Rosé has grown in popularity over the past decade with a real resurgence being noticed over the past two or three years. Hard To Find Wines has definitely seen a marked increase in sales of rosé this past year. Rosé however, often remains a bit of a mystery to those observing this phenomenon from the sidelines, whilst enjoying the more established red or white wines. Here are ten rosé myth busters to help you explain the truth around rosé to your friends who may look at you oddly when you bring a bottle to their dinner party. Continue reading →
  4. HTFW @ The Three Wine Men Manchester tasting event

    Last weekend saw us showing off our wines at the Manchester leg of the three wine men tour. Oz Clark, Olly Smith and Tim Atkin are on hand all weekend to pose for the odd photo, but more importantly give advice and tasting tips on all of the wines on show. From our corner of the tasting room, we had...
  5. Try Haute Cabrière Chardonnay Pinot Noir For A Taste Of The Truly Unique

    Haute Cabrière Chardonnay Pinot Noir is a unique and beautiful wine created with passion in the majestic and influential Franschhoek region of South Africa.
  6. How To Pair Food With Wine

    If you wan to enter into the wine pairing game then follow a few simple rules to get yourself started and before you know it you'll be pairing like a pro.
  7. Travel The World With Hard To Find Wines

    Wine making is entwined deeply within a country's history and culture, we travel the world to find the most tantalising wines from around the globe for you.
  8. The Vinturi Wine Aerator: Revolutionise The Way You Drink Wine

    Imagine the scene: the food is nearly ready, the table is set, your outfit is stunning and your guests are starting to arrive, now all that's left to do is open up that perfectly selected bottle of wine and the dinner party is under-way. What's missing? You've been too busy slaving over a stove and cleaning the house to decant your wine! After all that effort you put into selecting the perfect vintage that would exquisitely compliment your dinner you really want to enjoy it at its best, but dinner won't wait the time it takes to breath and your guests are hungry, you'll have to drink the wine as it is. Continue reading →
  9. Château Musar Wines, Entwined In the History of Wine Making

    The history of Lebanese wine spans millennia, Lebanon boasts unique wines with minimal human interference, Chateau Musar is untainted, tantalising, and organic.
  10. Franschhoek: The Food And Wine Capital of South Africa

    The Franschhoek Valley of South Africa is one of the most renowned wine making regions in the world, boasting world famous robust reds and crisp whites.

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