As distinct and varied as language, culture, food and music different continents are from one another so is the wine that they produce. When people think wine they typically think of rolling vineyards in the South of France but there is a whole world of beautiful, robust wines and stunning, picturesque vineyards out there waiting to be discovered. Join Hard to Find Wines on our journey around the world in wine.

We Begin In Europe, Immersed In the History of Old World Wines

Our first stop on our wine journey is France. France may not be the birthplace of wine but it is certainly the most renowned wine making country in the world and today produces more wine than any other. Where else to begin but with the crème de la crème of French wine, Champagne. We source stunning Champagne from R.C. Lamaire, this classic vineyard was the creation of gardener and poet Désiré Lemaire whose grandchildren perfected the art of blending different vines to create exquisite Champagne.

Heading east we come to Italy whose wines have been revered for millennia by Emperors, Popes and Kings. Villa Mangiacane rests in the heart of Tuscany and was built by the renowned Machiavelli family in the 15th Century, the wine making passion of these renaissance masters lives on today, allowing us to exclusively source to the UK sublime Chiantis produced in one of the world's most truly spectacular locations.

As our travels take us further east we reach the Asian country of Lebanon, the fatherland of wine. Vines have been cultivated here for over 6,000 years; wine travelled from here to the Mediterranean and so began the European tradition of wine making. Château Mussar is perhaps the most famous Lebanese vineyard today beginning at the skilled hands of Gaston Hochar in the 1930's. The wines produced here are unique, earthy and truly distinct, unlike anything you've ever tasted before.

Onwards and Eastwards To the New World

As Europeans headed east they took their penchant for wine making with them, and so Franschhoek (the French corner), South Africa became one of the world’s foremost wine destinations. The Rickety Bridge vineyard produces some of the most robust and full bodied reds in South Africa and we bring them to you.

Our journey East through the world's most sumptuous wine brings us finally to New Zealand and we say goodbye at Gibbston Valley, a pinnacle of Pinot Noir. The extraordinary wines produced here are loud, robust, larger than life and unforgettable and we supply them in their award winning splendour.

If you want to open up your world to gorgeous, exotic wines from around the world with Hard to Find Wines get in touch online and we'll be more than happy to share our passion with you.