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Jacuzzi Rosso Di Sette Fratelli Merlot 2006


Jacuzzi Rosso di Sette Fratelli has layers of flavour...chocolate, berries and spice all working together to create a deliciously complex and elegant wine finishing with silky tannins. Incredibly smooth along side an almost viscous feel in the mouth. There is still a juiciness from this wine, blackened Moreno cherries and a hint of Mocha. This develops into a lingering vanilla towards then end as the mouth is coated by this perfectly balanced wine. Without a doubt a wonderful wine by the glass, velvety and still at this age harbouring so much intense fruit that it started its life with so long ago. The nuances of liquorice and slight bitterness add to the experience making this a truly exceptional wine and at a fraction of the price of its big brothers and sisters from the Napa Valley proper.

Tasted Jan 2021 MD 95/100