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Waterford Single Farm Origin Bannow Island - Edition 1.1

Waterford Single Farm Origin Bannow Island - Edition 1.1

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Made solely using Overture barley harvested in 2015 by Ed Harpur from his Bannow Island farm in Wexford. The sandy, alluvial soil and seaside location give the barley, and the whisky, a gently maritime air.

Soft, rounded and fruity – sweet peach and sharp nectarine. Marshmallow and candy floss develop, along with sharp apple, damp grain and a hint of sea breeze. An air of vanilla floats around, followed by zesty lime peel. Initially soft, but with power and spice building. Sweet cream and freshly middled barley lead, with the cream fading to reveal sharp apple sauce a kick of cinnamon heat. Oak sits behind, softly spicy and topped with a fresh split vanilla pod. Vanilla cream explodes across the palate, followed by spiced apples and Garibaldi biscuits. Comment A layered and complex whisky, with soft and fruity spirit tempered by oak spice.