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Daftmill Summer 2008 Single Cask #68 Whisky Bars of Scotland - Artisan

56% - Whisky

Daftmill was granted a license to begin producing spirit in 2005, and had not bottled a single drop of that first distillate until 2018 when it produced just 629 bottles of its inaugural release.

Daftmill is a farm distillery, owned and run by the Cuthbert family, who grow all of the barley used in their whisky on-site. The distillery is only operational during the farm's quiet periods in mid-summer and mid-winter, sometimes producing as few as 100 casks per year.

First fill ex-bourbon barrel #68 was filled on 9th December 2008. The barley used was harvested from the farm's South fields in the last week of August 2006. This optic barley was then stored on the farm until it was malted in Alloa in the summer of 2007. The cask was reserved for the constituent establishments in the Independent Whisky Bars of Scotland group. Not available for retail, the 160 bottles were intended only to be served by the dram in these bars.

Only 7 bottles were made available by Daftmill for charity to help COVID-19 relief.