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Koch El Mezcal Elemental NV

40% - Spirits

Mezcal is obtained through distillation of previously fermented sugars agaves. Its development is a complex process, transmitted from generation to generation empirically and consists of six major steps: planting, harvesting, cooking, grinding, fermentation and distillation. The terroir is understood as defined geographical space defined by environmental factors (soil, altitude, climate, etc.) and cultural. For this reason Koch have focused on working with different people of Oaxaca to create identity of each zone in the association of certain flavours and aromas with specific locations. Koch Ensamble is made from wild agave Tobala, Tobasiche, Lumbre, and Cirial. This mezcal is made in San Baltazar by Pedro Hernandez, the agave is matured for 7 years.

A gentle and balanced mezcal that carries subtle fruity notes of banana, light wisps of smoke and herbs.