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Cantinero Orendain Tequila Reposado NV

38% - Spirits

A 100% Agave tequila for those seeking quality at the right price, with excellent flavour and just the right balance of softness that give it excellent characteristics to take it right or mixed. Cantinero use Agave Azul Tequilana Weber cultivated in their own fields and harvested at optimum ripeness to ensure that combines the best qualities to make a great tequila. Only traditional masonry ovens and autoclave is used for cooking. Fermentation is a slow procedure where special natural yeast strain maintained virtually unchanged for years as part of our original recipe. It is then double distilled by traditional method in stills and matured for minimum six months in American white oak barrels.

Woody notes, walnut, vanilla and cinnamon scents that makes it unique, soft but with that special bravery that captivates palates, the same bravery of Cantinero bull that inspired it.