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Tequila G4 Reposado NV

40% - Spirits
Wine Enthusiast 94/100

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Made at the Destileria El Pandillo – where agave piñas are crushed using a hand-made metal tahona and cooked in custom-built stone ovens – this is a clean-edged reposado Tequila rested in wood for a layered citrus-fruit and vanilla profile integrated beautifully with the juicy agave character at the spirit’s heart. This particular expression spends at least 6 months maturing in American oak bourbon barrels before being bottled.

Aged for at least 6 months in American Oak bourbon barrels, the “rested” tequila – G4 Reposado builds on the character of the blanco, but adds to the aroma hints of peach and licorice, with a small hints of grapefruit and lighter pepper in the tasting.