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Hollick Red Ridge Shiraz Cabernet 2021

Expectations for a Shiraz Cabernet blend from the Australian Limestone Coast sporting a 2021 vintage are not ever going to be astronomical but always hopeful of finding a belting drinker. This wine is a quality easy drinker, made by Jordan Cory the winemaker at Hollick Estate, a winery started in 1983 and with an excellent track record especially for producing Australia's take on Bordeaux utilising Cabernet and Shiraz.

On first inspection the colour is rich with a faint purple hue, very much a Shiraz trait. The nose is fragrant with a subtle sweet red fruit. I will be honest, when first tasted as it arrived in just over 6 months ago, it wasn't quite ready hence moving the wine to the top shelf of our warehouse in order to give it some time. As expected time is certainly this wine’s friend. It is not overly complex but even that little added time in bottle has reaped big returns, the succulent red fruits now more balanced and the acidity has certainly settled. The deeper rich fruits are starting to show and there is even now an element of creamy vanilla that comes towards the end of the palate.

Further time in bottle will allow more development without question, but this wine is now ready to be added to the every day drinking category, maybe even a crowd pleaser. So much more than a supermarket wine, this has quality and won't break the bank at £12.99 a bottle.

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