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Pinotage Trio Tasting

Allee Bleue Old Vine Pinotage 2019

This is certainly one of the new generation Pinotage, fruit driven and fresh. Fragrant nose with raspberry and strawberry and a hint of vanilla. The palate is incredibly supple with a lingering acidity. Again it offers a freshness and clean fruit. As the wine aerates further depth develops, a touch of mocha and darker fruit characters begin to show through. Still plenty of ageing ideally would be beneficial, for me just drinking a little young. MD 89/100


Putfontein Pinotage 2017

A little spice and heat from the alcohol waft immediately from the glass. Rich dark brambly fruit, blackberry and creamy vanilla initially on the forward palate, beautifully smooth with just a gentle length that continues and allows the wine to open up. Unusually for a Pinotage there is without doubt a spicy element that cuts through. An incredible success for such a small production wine, expertly put together and with amazing potential still. MD 94/100


La Couronne Limited Pinotage 2015

Showing a restraint on the nose, as you close your eyes and search for what it is reminiscent of, for me Parma violet springs to mind! Luxuriously supple, again not immediately recognisable as a Pinotage. Just the slightest element of earthiness, this gently underlies a generous mocha and blackberry over palate. Possibly this 2015 vintage is at the peak of its powers, another 2-3 years may improve but the fruit will possibly begin to deteriorate after this, of course this may mean an even more complex wine. MD 96/100