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Allée Bleue

Allée Bleue Estate was founded as "Mere Rust" in 1690, but once current owners, Elke and Friedrich-Wilhelm Dauphin bought the farm, they changed the name to Allée Bleue (meaning ‘Avenue of Blue’ in French). Its name stems from the picturesque blue eucalyptus trees which line the entrance to the farm and also pays tribute to our blue planet, sky, water and the colour of peace.

The estate nurtures a balance of old traditions and new cellar technology and continues to produce award-winning wines with the Allée Bleue Pinotage being a favourite amongst many across the globe. Whilst the reds are developed in oak barrels for a year with juicy dark berries such as blackberries and plums, the white wines are fermented in steel tanks for nine months and yield aromas of peaches and tropical fruits.

Allée Bleue


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