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Dieu Donne

The Dieu Donne Vineyards are situated high on the cool south-west facing slopes of the Franschhoek mountains which tempers the sun ensuring that our grapes ripen slowly.

The average temperature in summer is 17-18 degrees Celsius and in winter 8 degrees Celsius. The annual rainfall is 800 mm per annum, and all Dieu Donné vineyards are unirrigated.

Dieu Donné has a unique soil strata consisting of deep Hutton and Clovelly soils of granitic origin, with rocky topsoil, which is found only in this corner of the valley, ensuring that the vines do not have excessive vigour, or that they over-produce.

This unique terroir gives the Dieu Donné wines their special character.

Dieu Donne


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