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Hundred Acre

Hundred Acre is the ultra-premium cult Napa Cabernet project of Jayson Woodbridge, owner, vintner and visionary. His motto is concise, “stand amongst the very best or not at all”. And that he has achieved without apology. After selling his house, business and just about everything else, he bought his first vineyard in Napa Valley in 1998 and never looked back.

Exacting and unrelenting in his passions, for Woodbridge there is no halfway. And it is only once you truly grasp that concept that you begin to understand how Hundred Acre has become one of the world’s top wineries. The awarding of 22 perfect 100 scores to Hundred Acre wines by Robert Parker’s Wine Advocate since 2002 speaks for itself. As Lisa Perrotti-Brown states, Hundred Acre is “far from a vanity wine project, it’s a life’s work”.

Hundred Acre


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